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Dear American Ivy Society Commercial Members,

All of us on the Board of the American Ivy Society want to wish you a Happy New Year and thank you for all your years of dedication to our favorite plant, Hedera. The American Ivy Society was founded in 1973 by Susanne Warner Pierot and has continued since that time with one goal in mind and that was to study ivy and bring that information to all of you who share our passion for this fascinating plant.

As with all plant societies and like groups, printing costs and mailings have greatly surpassed the income from our dues. We find all of our money and resources are going into printing and mailing rather than the purpose of the society. Although it is always hard to make changes we as the Board feel it is important to look into the future and make sure our decisions are in the best interest of our membership and our mission. We will no longer be producing, printing or mailing any newsletters or journals. We are also changing the structure of membership to better serve all of our members. Our individual members ask over and over how to obtain ivies commercially. Looking at what other plant societies are doing, we feel the best solution for everyone is to increase our commercial members’ exposure through our web site and Facebook.

We intend to update our website regularly with information as it becomes available. The goal is to make and our Facebook page, The American Ivy Society, the definitive places to visit for ivy news. We are working to add all of our previously printed material to the web-site. We hope to improve our current services by providing direct and individual information and making it available to all. We are exploring other interactive possibilities.

Since we are no longer mailing printed materials we have decided to include all commercial benefits in your basic membership of $50 per year. Your membership will now include listing on and four posting per year on Facebook. We will also include your information on any direct correspondence with the public requesting ivy sources. If you have something special we would be happy to post it on our Facebook page. Included in this basic charge you may send in up to 25 ivies per year for identification and receive AIS stock number verifying your stock is correctly named.

Please go on line to learn about new ivy registrations or by request you may receive by mail all new ivy registrations each year.

We are grateful to all the current commercial members and want to give them the best service possible but we also want to make sure we are spending your money wisely and fulfilling our mission as a society.


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